Pride Care Cleaners

Pride care cleaners started at 2006 after name changing from fashion care cleaners.
As you know, Fashion care cleaners were excellent all around in Atlanta as leading for 30 years. Pride care cleaners are performing continuous excellent and the best service with more advanced process with better technologies. 

Why choose us?
We are loved by over 3000 customers. 
We do everything for our customers such as ECO-Friendly Dry cleaning, Special Wet Cleaning (different from regular laundry) Alterations by professional tailor, Wedding dress, Rug & Leather, and many more.
We were also chosen the best Dry cleaners by Reader’s choice with our special and advanced cleaning process.
We meet our customer’s needs and satisfactions for the best.
We are member of Wet Cleaners USA, One of the only four places in Atlanta.
Finally We are located at very convenient place with DRIVE THRU.